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Sprouted grains are popping up everywhere lately. But, these grains are about more than just the latest nutrition trend. There are some very positive benefits to sprouted grains that make this option superior to other grains – like the fact that sprouted grains contain more protein and other nutrients than regular grains. Here are some more reasons why spouting your food might be a really good idea.

Sprouted Grains Defined

In order to grow regular grains, you have to plant seeds in the ground, and allow those seeds to grow until they turn into full-blown grains. Sprouted grains aren’t allowed to reach that full-grown stage. Instead, sprouted grains are picked before they turn into a complete plant. Why? Because allowing a grain to turn into a fully-grown plant means that the grain will start to eat some of the starch that’s inside the seed, and then use that starch to grow into a large plant.

sproutedgrainsSince sprouted grains are picked before the seeds are permitted to use starch to grow, sprouted grains contain less starch, and more vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and protein. Regular grains contain a large amount of starch, and lesser amounts of all those other good things. This is why sprouted grains are superior nutrition-wise to regular grains.

The Digestion Factor 

Sprouted grains are also easier to digest than other grains, since the sprouting process breaks down starches. So, people that have a hard time digesting regular grains will likely find sprouted grain options easier to tolerate. Additionally, sprouted grains contain less gluten, so these options are ideal for people that are slightly gluten sensitive – though not ideal for people suffering from Celiac disease. Sprouted grains are, however, better for people that are diabetic, since the process of sprouting turns starches into simple sugars, which is easier for diabetics to process.

Not a New Trend

Sprouted grains have been around since Biblical times, but it’s only recently that our society has started to recognize and take advantage of the benefits that these grains have to offer. You can make your own sprouted grain, bake with spouted flour, or purchase sprouted grain breads and other baked goods at most health food stores. Typically, sprouted grain flour makes bread that’s unique in taste and nutritious all at the same time. You can also purchase rice and other sprouted grain products to make vegetarian recipes.

If you haven’t tried sprouted grains yet, give them a shot. While trendy at the moment, these grains are about a lot more than a simple trend – it’s about feeding your body better food. It’s also about returning to a natural way of growing grains, an ancient way that has just started to become relevant once again. There are many benefits of sprouted grains including the ones mentioned here, and the fact that these grains can be turned into delicious vegetarian recipes. The most important benefit, though, is that you’ll simply feel better if you start eating grains that aren’t so heavily processed.

Our Books

Take a look at some of the recipes on this site, and let us know if you’re interested in purchasing some of our cookbooks. You’ll find excellent and healthy recipes, lots of nutrition information, and details about how you can get back to living a simpler life full of real food. We want you to feel better about yourself, and that means leaving all the processed food behind, and cutting back on your meat intake. Our books are full of healthy vegetarian recipes that you’ll love – guaranteed.

If you have any questions about sprouted grains, make sure to leave us a note on this blog. Or, follow our Facebook page for more tips, details, and to communicate with us directly. When it comes to living healthier, start with simple things like sprouted grains and meatless dishes.

Italian Fennel Salad

Toss salad greens together. Arrange greens on 2-4 individual plates. Cut fennel bulbs in half, then in quarters and eighths or smaller pieces


Create healthy and delicious Biblically-inspired plant-based meals from whole plant foods, without using animal products, refined sugars, or harmful additives.


Create healthy and delicious Biblically-inspired plant-based meals from whole plant foods, without using animal products, refined sugars, or harmful additives.

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