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*“Ten Talents has stood the test of time. And, even now after 40 years, it is still considered one of the best vegetarian cookbooks around…”

-Hans A. Diehl, DrHSc, MPH; Lifestyle Medicine Institute, Founder/Director of CHIP, etc


*“I have been blessed for years by your cookbook. Have especially enjoyed the ice cream and cheese recipes. Surely a good cook is worth “Ten Talents!”

-Margie K, pastor’s wife


*“Thank you for your gift of life…Next to the Bible, Ten Talents is the most used book in our professional kitchen. I use your recipes for our FIT2EAT customers and always get compliments. Our family are vegetarians now… because of you.”

-Chef Bob V,. FIT2EAT


*“I really appreciate the Ten Talents Cookbook. It’s the great grandmother of all vegan cookbooks…Ten Talents is a must-have cookbook, not only for the excellent recipes, but for the abundance of valuable health and nutrition information.”

-Diana Fleming, PhD, LDN, Nutritional Services Director, Lifestyle Center of America


*“The Ten Talents Cookbook published over 40 years ago, was a pioneering work in providing recipes for simple, practical, healthful cooking…I am happy to recommend with confidence this updated pictorial edition…”

-Neal Nedley, M.D., author of Proof Positive, Depression Recovery Programs, The lost Art of Thinking, etc

Beautifully illustrated cookbook and an amazing array of healthy and delicious recipes. I’m so glad I bought this cookbook.  on June 10, 2018

*First book great. Second book Greater!”, October 12, 2009

In 1974, I left home at the age of 16, moved to Vancouver BC, where I went to a local health food store in search of the best value (most recipes for the lowest price) possible in a vegetarian cookbook. I was finally free to be a vegetarian without family pressure! One cookbook won out over all the others, it was the Ten Talents cookbook which I immediately purchased. I lived out of the Ten Talents cookbook for many years preparing awesome vegetarian meals for myself and all my other high school friends who would supply ingredients and I would cook up the meals. We all helped each other to get through high school that way since none of us lived at home with our parents.

Believe it or not, I still have my original copy, covered in food samples! :- I have since purchased the revised edition and it is better than the original in that the recipes have been made even healthier and the improved eye candy (beautiful photos) are just awesome! You will discover more than life giving healthy recipes in this book. I cannot recommend the book highly enough!

My wife, Linda Carney MD, also recommends and sells this cookbook to her patients in the office and through our web site for AllMedPhysicians, pLLC located in Buda, Texas. However, Dr. Carney does recommend that her patients modify the recipes by eliminating the added oils. The damaging effects of vegetable oils to our delicate Endothelial Cells is something that was not understood at the time this book was written. We have suggested, and do hope Rosalie Hurd will create, a low-fat no added oils version in the future. That is on the top of our wishlist!


*Beautiful Update, September 12, 2009

By Andrew Dancer III (Hudson, NY USA)
I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years and have enjoyed recipes from a 1968 edition. I bought the current edition for my vegan grandaughter and her family, and, now that I have seen its improvements, including an index, I will shortly purchase one myself.


*Best Vegetarian Cookbook I have ever owned!, November 2, 2009

By Zory (Puerto Rico)
I love this cookbook. It is a major upgrade from the last version. It is colorful and full of pictures! It has lots of pages too and makes vegetarianism very attractive and doable. I find myself using this cookbook over and over while my other cookbooks remain on the shelf. Get it, you will not regret it! This is a good gift too!



I’ve purchased countless books on Amazon, hundreds in fact. Yet, the Ten Talents Cookbook (2012 ed) is one of the most useful products I’ve EVER purchased here. Ten Talents Cookbook is quite simply in a class of its own. It is the most comprehensive, PLANT BASED, NUTRITION-BASED cookbook that includes FOOD COMBINING and pretty much all you need to know about EATING FOR HEALTH (Conscious Eating is the only book I can think of that comes close to this, and yet it doesn’t at all in my opinion).

While Ten Talents reads like an Illustrated Joy of Nutritious Vegan, Vegetarian and Raw Cooking for the seriously health-conscious, they don’t promote it as a ‘bible’, ‘encyclopedia’, ‘definitive resource’,’ultimate guide’, ‘complete book’ or a ‘all-you-need-to-know’ on vegetarianism, raw food or veganism. If you’ve met gaunt raw vegans or obese vegans and vegetarians they’re likely not doing something well, and probably haven’t consider much of what this cookbook promotes. It does have some soy and breads that I’m not keen on, but the amount of useful information outweigh those details.

To be sure, this book is old school, so you won’t marvel at the trendy kitchens, sexy chefs, avant garde gourmet displays or feats in graphic design. Nor will you care. You’ll get an attractive, exceptionally organized, well-planned, comprehensive cookbook. There are color photos on each page! I marvel at the authors ability to meticulously illustrate the book WITHOUT compromising content!

Another gem of Ten Talents is the infusion of it’s lifestyle values and principles: family/community-oriented; cultivating a relationship with one’s Creator/High Power; thankfulness; consciousness; cleanliness; caring and personal responsibility, just to name a few.

The only con of the book is its plastic binding! It’s peculiar that such a book has plastic binding from the 60s. I would have, and I believes others would also, paid twice as much for a hardback version.

(UPDATE June 2014***) While Initially I was concerned about the the plastic comb binding, it holds up very well and is quite sturdy. It does lay perfectly flat while following recipes, that very useful and doesn’t require a fancy stand or weights. (End of Update)


*If you could only have one cookbook–this would be THE ONE!, December 3, 2010

By Another Tigger “Tiggerish” (Wood Village, OR USA)

You don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian to gain from what this book has to offer. It really isn’t “just a cookbook,” it’s an owner’s manual for your body. Take from it what you desire, whether going “whole hog” or taking bits here and there…it’s all good, and all healthy!

Want to know about a “healthy” ingredient which may be new to you, or how to use it? Consult this book. Food combining, menu planning…consult the book.

I made one of the ice cream recipes last summer…no one realized that there was no cow’s cream nor white sugar in the stuff and it got rave reviews from everyone.

I’ve got the older style book, have used it for many years now–I’m an on again/off again vegetarian–but the book is kept right over the kitchen sink where I can easily get my hands on it because I refer to it all the time.

If you could only have just one cookbook, this would be the most useful, the most healthful, and the most informative. It stands head and shoulders above the rest.


*Vegetarian Cookbook, October 17, 2009

By Wild Rose (California)
Excellent resource for healthy cooking. This revised edition of the original cookbook of the 60’s is even better! Updated recipes utilizing up to date ingredients found in most health food stores. The colorful photos of the dishes are mouth watering! I recommend it to anyone wanting great ideas for a vegetarian lifestyle!


*Plant-Based Diet TEXTBOOK, Plus over 1000 recipes.., March 23, 2012

By Kimberly D (Atlanta, Ga)
I just received this cookbook the other day. I was surprised this book was given a 2 star rating from another reviewer because it didnt include “dairy products and cheese” when this book clearly states it is free of “animal products”.
We have been striving to eat whole foods for several years now, and more recently, completely animal-product free. I was thrilled to find this cookbook because I thought I owned every vegan cookbook there ever was, and honestly, never came across this one.
This book is amazing to say the least. It is much more then I expected, almost a “textbook” on eating a plant based diet.
One of the most amazing sections of the book to me was the dairy free/animal free CHEESE recipes. American cheese, Mozzorella, Farmer cheese and several other cheese replacement recipes, all of which are SOY free, YAHOOOO!
I have been eating NON DAIRY for many years now due to a severe intolorance to dairy, and yet, not a day would go by when I didnt miss eating pizza, or some other food that “required” cheese to add that irreplaceable final touch to make it delicious and satisfying. I do not buy the vegetarian processed cheese replacements, because they usually have about a hundred unrecognizable ingredients.
One of my goals is to make the Mozz cheese, and to make veggie pizzas this weekend.
Anyway, to the 2 star reviewer. Take the plunge, you CAN live without dairy in your diet. Little do you realize that the very book you gave a negative rating to, could be the very book to “deliver” you from your hard core dairy product addiction.
This book was NEVER supposed to include dairy products, so to give it a 2 star review for its lack of dairy products would be like giving Chipotles Mexican Grill a negative review for not serving Big Mac’s.


*Highly recommended, fantastic revision to a classic, February 8, 2010

By HH (Canada)

I have the original 1968 version, which is great, however, this new updated, expanded version is absolutely wonderful and well worth the money! It is like a totally different cookbook with all the brillantly coloured pictures.

Back to the basics with this varied, well-organized and informative vegetarian cookbook. Due to many food allergies including wheat and gluten, I really appreciate the recipes using alternative ingredients such as quinoa, millet, and amaranth.


*Wife Loves this book!, May 14, 2009

By Bob “The Arizonian” (Mesa, Arizona United States)
My wife is vegan and has many, many recipe books, but this one is now one of her very favorites. There are about 25 paper clips on pages of recipes that she says she wants to make and believes will taste great. The book is laid out with excellent pictures, beautifully formatted, and the color coded tabs are very helpful. A gem of a book!

*I wish I had this book years ago, October 7, 2010

By Ellen Hawley (Pittsburg, Ca, US)
I have wanted to be a vegetarian for quite some time but coundn’t find a cookbook that used real food and not processed. This book also goes into detail of what you should eat daily as a vegetarian and all kinds of cooking tips. A complete cookbook. My family so far has liked everything I have made. Had to make a list of ingrediants for the health food store that I didn’t have in the house, but once you buy these a lot of recipes use them. After three weeks of eating healthy I feel so much better. I love this book!


*Love this Updated “Eye-Candied” edition, April 22, 2010

By Yo-Yo (Southwest Florida)

My mom used to have this book when I was little. It was falling apart and only had a few colored pages in it. This newer edition has TONS of pictures and updated descriptions.

We have made several recipes from it already and it’s been great for inspiring us to eat healthier.


*blown away, December 11, 2009

so informative in preparation of vegan meals. i am just a wanna be vegan and i an having alot of joy with the recipes and tips. this well be a major christmas gift this year. tasty and simple to prepare meals if you have all the ingredients.


*Inspiring, April 21, 2012

This book is inspiring and beautiful. It was obviously created with love– love for family, love and gratitude for the natural foods God has provided for us. I saw an earlier copy of this book many years ago, and while I was intrigued by the title, because of the lack of illustrations it did not capture my interest. Without the photos it was very hard to visualize the dishes. I came upon the updated color version. Thanks to the rave reviews, I ordered a copy, and was bowled over.

This is a veritable encyclopedia of vegetarian cooking. I was a vegetarian years ago but relied on a small number of boring recipes. In the years since, I have gained weight and become less healthy as I fell back on the “standard American diet.” I have been wanting to return to vegetarian eating, but there are so many conflicting theories, specialty cookbooks, and so forth that it seemed it would require several cookbooks to have enough options to replace the unhealthy foods I have been eating. I am so grateful to have found this book because it literally has everything you need in it.The photographs are not flashy like those by food stylists working for magazines; they are simple but attractive and show each dish as it might be served at the table.

Whatever type of vegetarian diet you wish to follow, this book has a treasure trove of recipes for you. Whether you want to eat breads or avoid breads, eat cooked grains or sprouted grains, cooked foods or strictly raw foods, vegetarian classics or meatless versions of familiar “comfort food” favorites, ideas for sandwiches, wraps, salads, and soups, vegetarian meals for holidays, it is all here. There are no animal products featured in the book (except one section on eggs and milk for those on a transition diet). However, there ARE plenty of recipes that call for vegetarian cheese or soy milk, and recipes are given for those. So if you love cheese and dairy, you have the option of making these excellent vegetarian substitutes, or you can simply use regular cheese and milk if you desire. The biggest problem with this book is deciding what to make.

The book gives an uplifting feeling with its scriptural quotes, inspirational poems, happy photos, hints at healthy living. Just perusing it inspires the reader to become healthier. I find myself picking up the book just to get a positive feeling. I am leaving right now with my shopping list so I can be prepared all week to make the simple, beautiful recipes in this book!


*Beautiful Book, August 30, 2010

By Baubles (IL USA)
I have ordered a library of books on Amazon, a large percentage being recipe books as I collect them.
I was bowled over by this book.
Not only is it packed with great information and beautiful pictures, it is very well put together and I know it will last decades to come with very heavy usage.
If you are at all interested in food combining, a raw food lifestyle or vegetarianism you should definitely add this book to your library.


*The only vegan cookbook you’ll need!, February 20, 2012

By Andre
This book is the most complete vegan cookbook in my opinion. Any substance that you can think of that is not vegan-friendly, this book points you to an alternative that is. Book came in mint condition. I have no complaints.


*Greatest Cookbook!, November 5, 2010

By Katie Kat (Eureka, CA)
Great cookbook for those health-conscious vegetarians. A primer and includes raw food recipes as well. Easy and tasty recipes with full color pictures. Well organized.


*Fabulously extensive guide to healthy and delicious eating and womderful customer service!,December 17, 2012

I found out about this incredible resource while checking out at my local Whole Foods with several bags of raw cashews. The cashier asked me what I was making and I said that I was creating a vegan Caesar salad dressing. She then went on to excitedly tell me about a wonderful cookbook that she’d had in the early 70’s called The Ten Talents that used cashews in her favorite dish: Baked Chee Spaghetti Casserole that used cashews to make a cream sauce that was “out of this world!”
Sadly, she lamented, she’d lost her cookbook and it was no longer in print. She told me that everyone was using it in the 70’s and it was their bible to healthy eating. She insisted that I find a copy and make that dish!
I was very intrigued and went home to “google” it, and to my delight it was back in print! I’ve been happily cooking and learning from it for months. Today I wanted to try the Brick Cheeze recipe using cashews as the base. However, the cashew amount had been inadvertently omitted from this printing!
I went onto the cookbook website where there was a contact phone number. A real person (the author perhaps?) answered immediately. I told her my problem and she quickly looked it up, gave me the correct amount (3/4 cup raw cashews) and apologized, saying they’d correct it in the next printing.
Real people, real,food our bodies can use healthfully and easy recipes that taste fantastic! This is a must for anyone wanting to improve their health via the foods they eat!


*Quite an Education!, December 12, 2012

I was pleasantly surprised to have the author pick up the phone and talk to me personally about a question I had. This book should be in every culinary curriculum. It is a textbook in itself of a lifetime of learning and cooking for generations. I am purchasing a few more for my daughters and daughters-in-laws as Christmas gifts. I could never teach them everything that is included in the book. I consider it an investment into my family and for generations to come!


*Best money I ever spent on a vegetarian cookbook, January 29, 2012

By K. Burk “KayBee” (Gilbert, AZ USA)
I was looking for a vegan cookbook that featured ‘real’ food and not too much (if any) overly-processed food. This fit the bill perfecctly. Yes, this was the most expensive cookbook I ever purchased (out of about 30+ cookbooks that I own)…but I think it will be the last one I need to buy because it is so comprehensive, so educational, and so packed full of yummy recipes. The photographs of the finished food make it worthwhile, and I would highly reccomend this as your next, and possibly final, cookbook for your vegan recipes.


*Still a good reference despite the age., May 5, 2011

This book has served me well over the years and I now give it to friends who seek to reduce their intake of meat. Whether you are tring to go totally vegetarian or just wish to reduce your consumption of meat, this is a good, basic cookbook.


*The pictures alone in this cookbook will make you want to eat healthier!, July 18, 2013

I love to eat vegetarian but this book is back to basics and most recipes are made with uncomplicated ingredients that are in most vegetarian’s or vegan’s pantry or fridge anyways! I am a Christian so I also enjoy the spiritual notations throughout the book! Very nice-buy it-you won’t be disappointed!


*an Inspiring Classic, July 8, 2012

By Jazzo
I wanted to get back to basics with healthy eating, to eat more raw and natural foods and lighten up on meat consumption. This was the perfect book to both guide and inspire me in that way. There are so many simple and delicious recipes, and suggestions for combining foods in interesting and wonderful ways, along with an encyclopedia of ingredients and suggestions for meals and eating. It covers many topics like – juices, sprouts, breads, desserts, veggies, fruits, dressings, gravies, main dishes, and grains and beans, to name a few! This classic book endures as a comprehensive, mostly vegan reference to many wonderful recipes and a healthy lifestyle.


*Love these recipes, June 25, 2012

By Felix
I just recently recieved this cookbook and I love it. The recipes are just what my family and I need. Easy to follow recipes with pictures. I thought my old eating habits would come back due to lack of flavor but not now. If you are looking for an aid to help you start your lifestyle change, get this book. It will help you enjoy food again.


*As promised, July 2, 2013

By Susan
Was delivered quickly and packaged well (completely free of damage). I’ve ordered several of these cookbooks in the past for friends and we all love it!


*Best cookbook in the world, June 11, 2013

This book is filled with fabulous, tasty and creative vegetarian recipes, but it contains much much more, it is actually a manual for healthy living! There are too many full color pictures to count and they even show the all the herbs, nuts,and grains in the natural state. The book teaches food combining as well as healing principles of herbs. I truly think this a book that fits quite comfortably in any kitchen from beginner to the gourmet.


*good reading, July 15, 2009

By Michael Henry (usa)
This book is full of good health info. I need to learn how to eat and this book will help.


*MUST BUY!!, February 17, 2014

I had an older version of this book and gave it to a friend to read! So recently I came online and saw this version! I was pleasantly impressed with the book! Praise God for the authors! It is a must have!


*Beautiful new addition and helpful information, February 7, 2014

By Spunk! (South Eastern USA)
This classic is beautifully updated. Very much worth the price. Reminds those of us who feel there is a Great Creator or God to respect the bounty that has been offered us.


*A Great Vegetarian Cookbook!, February 2, 2014

By Tess from New York “Tess” (Long Island, NY, USA)
The previous version of this cookbook was very good, but this latest version is a major sourcebook of vegetarian cooking. There are many different approaches to vegetarianism from soy to nuts to grains, and fruits and vegetables, and there will be something in this cookbook to appeal to everyone’s food choices. The author also included instructions for making your own vegetarian foods from scratch, such as homemade tofu and vegetarian cheeses. A very helpful kitchen equipment guide of blenders, pots and pans, and some things I had never even seen before was also generously included. This book is absolutely essential if you want to go full blast vegetarian or just incorporate more vegetarian dishes into your diet for health reasons. Highly recommended!


*So Special!, October 7, 2013

This has got to be the most “special” cookbook I have. I have already enjoyed many of the recipes. I guess you would call it “the Cadillac of Cookbooks.” The combination of the spiritual, true concern for health, and tasty thought out recipes is what makes it so special, and a winner for anyone!


*wonderful information!, October 2, 2013

great book tried the pizza bread recipe and made bread sticks and a loaf of bread out of it and it turned out wonderful! so much information in this book! I received it in a short amount of time and it was in new condition! Very Pleased.


*Amazing book, September 10, 2013

By Kathie Butler (Henderson, Nv.)
This book seems to be the core book or the “one that started it all” providing the basis, whether acknowledged or not, for all vegan cookbooks. I have made only 3 recipes from the book and they turned out excellent but they were actually better than very similar recipes I have seen in other “newer” or more “modern” vegan cookbooks. This book is like a bible of vegetarian/vegan cooking. I love it!


*Ten Talents cookbook, July 27, 2013

By MaryJ
A great book for every family that wants to live a healthy life for the glory of God. A must read for such families


*Great Book., July 7, 2013

I had the first edition of this book and this most recent edition has all the great old information plus more!


*Well done, February 18, 2013

By deep
If your looking to eat healthier with low fat and good taste this book is for you. It really goes into detail and won’t break the bank getting the ingredients.


*Still Great After All These Years!, August 25, 2012

By Prettysmartideas (New York, NY)
I first used Ten Talents in the 1970s. Back then, my focus was a little different. Accidentally, my parents sent all of my old keeper books off to auction, so I’ve been replacing the ones I remember. I bought the original edition a while back, and have been surprised by how much emphasis there actually is on raw food (my focus for the last 25 or so years). This is one of my go-to books.Ten Talents Cookbook


*BEST COOKBOOK EVER!!!!! 10 stars!!!, February 18, 2014

If there was a 10 star option, this book would be it!! I have been using Ten Talents for years and it is still the book I ALWAYS reach for when in the kitchen! I love to cook and this splendidly put together health manual give me everything I need to know all in one place. My kids love this book and have their own favorite recipes they ask for! I will definitely be passing this timeless masterpiece on to my own daughter someday. Trust me, this is one book every person should own!!!!


*A best seller, September 24, 2013

Love this book Just what I wanted, perfect will recomend to all my friends quick shipping too keep it up


*Ten Talents Cookbook, May 23, 2013

By Joan E Russell (Detroit Lakes, MN)
A classic cookbook with more than recipes…great to have on hand! Some recipes are better than others but overall a great book!


*Marvelous, July 10, 2011

What can i say this is a great book. Some things just don’t need a whole lot of hype. If its good say its good


*Buy this book just for the information, November 14, 2012

I gave this book 4 stars just for the information in it. Very interesting and informative.
I tried a recipe that looked interesting but it tasted bland. It also has lots of nice



This is not just another cookbook to add to anyone’s collection. I have never read a book which is so complete. The book offers wonderful recipes accompanied by mind, body & spiritual wellness. This book will engage the entire family. Something for everyone at any level will be capable of preparing healthy meals, snacks, desserts, and beverages with love and a prayer!



I AM so PLEASED with everything about this cookbook. Pictures, info, layout, design, RECIPES, you won’t ever need/want another cookbook after this.

EASY to use, understand, cook with, I am blown away by the EXCELLENCE of this cookbook!!

NO WAY you won’t LOVE this book!!!


*A Classic Cookbook that Withstands the Tests of Time, May 12, 2014

By Book Enthusiast “SueAnn” (South Carolina)
For literally thirty years I have used this cookbook as my Kitchen Bible. By applying the lifestyle precepts imparted by its author, I have achieved perfect health as I approach the end of my sixth decade. Diet does it! The author is amazing! She is a medical doctor, a deeply spiritual woman (Seventh Day Adventist), as well as a very good cook. She will teach you how to organize your pantry, which products to keep as staples, and how to select and prepare the right combinations of foods for optimal health. I love the simplicity of her recipes. So many dishes have become favorites with my non-vegan/vegetarian friends when I entertain. For you imaginative types, there is plenty of room for creative improvisation, substitution and mixing & matching, still staying within the author’s healthy guidelines. Having traded indulgence and excess for a disease-free life, I assure you you will be blessed by your determination to clean up your diet. Consistency is the key: slow and steady, one healthy meal at a time, time after time… This book is a gem of delicious, wholesome, satisfying recipes. Just give it a chance!


*Yes Vegan, March 18, 2014

I am thrilled with this book. I am just cooking up something all the time. The food is delicious and delectable. Glad to have made such a great purchase. Thank also for the quick service as well.


*great book, March 14, 2014

I love the book , many ideas, recipes and easy food to cook. Thank you very much . Great book.


*Great Book!, February 27, 2014

Very detailed. Provides excellent nutritional information and health tips. Recipes are easy and delicious! Love this book. It is worth it.


*Ten Talents …worth it’s weight in Gold!, July 10, 2012

Best Cookbook ever and most complete! I would recommend Ten Talents to anyone interested in wanting to learn all about whole plant foods and keeping healthy!


*I cannot believe it was on my bookshelf for so long, May 26, 2013

Several years ago we ordered some grain in bulk because we were (are) interested in baking our own bread and eat a lot of grains and legumes. At the time of our order, this cookbook was recommended. When it arrived, I looked through it and then put it on my bookshelf and forgot about it as I was interested in other cookbooks. However, my diet has been leaning toward junk food now and I realize that has got to stop. While online this morning, I saw an ad for another cookbook which, following links, brought me to this page. After reading all these wonderful reviews, I got this book off the shelf and looked it over again with a new perspective. I will definitely be trying some of these recipes.

I am giving this 4 stars only because the picture of the Thanksgiving “Turkey” Loaf was one of the first I viewed again. That picture is unappetizing to me still. That is the reason why I put the book on the shelf. This time, though, the breads caught my eye and that is where I am going to start.

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