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Ten Talents DVD Back
Ten Talents DVD Back

Ten Talents Cooking & Lifestyle Seminar DVD Series

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TEN TALENTS  Cooking & Lifestyle Seminar -DVD  

Natural Foods- Vegetarian Cuisine with instructors Dr. Frank & Rosalie Hurd, authors of the classic best-seller ” Ten Talents” cookbook / health manual.  The 10 Cooking & Lifestyle programs produced at 3ABN – include a variety of topics that are interesting, exciting and informative.  What is God’s Original Diet for Man?  How can we save $ when Food Shopping?  How do we combine foods for best digestion?  Learn how to Sprout Legumes, make wholesome Bread, delicious Smoothies, Main dish meals, Salads, hearty Soups,  guilt-free Desserts and much more!
Good health is never outdated. You can choose to be healthy and happy for a holy purpose as you practice the principles in this series.  10 1/2 hr. programs;  5 hours viewing

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